Dynamic Safety Systems in the Nissan 370Z Roadster

Want to invest in a sports car that's built for easy handling? Take a look at the Nissan 370Z Roadster at Wilson Motor Company. This admired sports car is built on a unique platform that can help you maintain control. It also has advanced safety systems that work to keep you safe.

The platform of the 370Z Roadster has a 55/45 balance ratio. There's a bit more weight on the front end. The engine is placed behind the front axle. While this balance remains constant when the car is stationary, it shifts once you start accelerating. It's the balance shift that provides you with better traction on the road.

Drivers can also benefit from the Vehicle Dynamic Control system. Sensors constantly monitor the wheels as you drive. It checks speed, steering angle, g-forces, and so much more. It can use this information to prevent understeering and oversteering. The 370Z Roadster will help you maintain control by reducing engine power and applying the brakes.



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