Which is Best: Compact or Full-Size Spare Tires?

When you have a flat or damaged tire, you can do a number of things to remedy this situation. If you are handy, you can pull over and change the tire out yourself, assuming that you have a spare of some sort in your vehicle. You can utilize the roadside assistance that has been provided to you by us here at Wilson Motor Company or your preferred service. You also have the option of calling a third party tow truck service, but if you can handle this scenario yourself, it is sometimes the most cost effective option.

Most vehicles have a spare tire of some sort that come as part of the vehicle. Not many vehicles provide a full-sized spare tire because of the size it takes up inside your vehicle. A compact, temporary spare tire is much smaller in size and holds less air, but it takes up far less space in your trunk or underneath your vehicle.

A full-size spare tire has the benefit of lasting longer and permitting you to drive a longer distance than its compact tire counterpart. Learn more about spare tires and what you can do to protect your investment when you stop by our Ford dealership here in Logan, Utah.

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