Impressive Audio in the Nissan Sentra

No road trip on the open highway or daily commute through Logan is complete without some music. The Nissan Sentra is a popular mid-sizes sedan that's available at Wilson Motor Company. You can get the sedan with a high-quality audio system that's designed to make your favorite songs sound better than ever before.

The Bose Premium Audio package is available on many different Sentra builds. It includes eight speakers that are strategically placed around the cabin. They're fine-tuned to work with the acoustics of the cabin. There are also dual woofers. They help to pump up the bass so that you can really feel your music as you drive.

The sound system works great with the available infotainment center. You can get a connected system that utilizes a 7-inch touchscreen display. The great thing about this equipment is that it can be paired with your smartphone device via Bluetooth. Once connected, you can stream music, enjoy your media library, and so much more.



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