Ford Mustang Performance Features

Have you seen the latest from the Ford Mustang team? The new edition of the Mustang has drivers turning their heads at the sports car. With superior fine-tuning and an amazing engine at the base, you get a lot of performance in the standard V6. However, it's the Shelby GT V8 that has been picking up a lot of praise for its acceleration and over 500 horsepower output.

The advanced valve suspension, as well as the different transmissions, and 10-speed automatic transmission, is also superior to the class currently. Because of the latest performance-enhanced design, you get all new driving modes as well, including the Drag Strip Mode and Track setting. These two are guaranteed to turn heads when you arrive.

You can check out the all new Mustang and even test drive the Shelby GT when you visit Wilson Motor Company. This dealership has great prices on all of the latest Mustangs as well.



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