The Ford Transit Connect: Let's Check Out its Technology Features

Would you like a new full-size passenger wagon? The Transit Connect is a popular wagon at Wilson Motor Company. Many consumers prefer this model because it offers a number of technology features that you can read about below.

The Lane-Keeping Alert with Driver Alert System is a technology feature offered with the Ford Transit Connect. A camera that is mounted in the windshield will monitor the lane markings for unintentional lane drift. When the system detects lane drift, you will be issued an alert through a series of steering wheel vibrations. When the Driver Alert System detects that lane drift is due to tiredness, it will issue visual and audible alerts.

The Transit Connect also feature FordPass. This is an app that provides you with many perks. With FordPass, you can receive vehicle stats and schedule maintenance services. This feature also lets you compare fuel prices at nearby gas stations, and you can even use the app to pay for certain services.



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